What are they and what do they do for you?

Superfoods, while technically a marketing term, are foods with high nutritional value.  More specifically, they are considered high in antioxidants and have a lot of potential anti-aging properties. 

This means they can both fight off degenerative disease (ie. cancer, Alzheimer's) and have the ability to reverse the aging process.

Some of the things I look for in superfoods are nutrient density, how well known and researched the food is, and does it also help with weight loss.

Nutrient Density.  I look for foods that are high in most, if not all, the vitamin antioxidants.  This includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin E, along with other unknown phytonutrients and minerals that are good for the body.

Research.  There are some foods that have been researched for many years (ie. Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, etc) and some that have just started to be researched over the last few years (ie. Acai, goji berry, etc).  While I believe every food on this Earth has health benefits, stay away from hype-y claims and supplement-derivatives of food (ie. green tea in a pill).

Weight Loss.  One of the side benefits of superfoods are their effects on metabolism.  Because of how nutrient dense anti-aging superfoods are, they cause you to feel fuller faster and satisfied after you eat them.  This means you won't be tempted to reach for that unhealthy snack or still feel hungry with these superfoods.

Are Superfoods Just Fruits And Vegetables?

Not at all.  Some of the best superfoods are foods that are not only the best sources of antioxidants, they are also nutrient dense and aid in slowing down the aging process and the prevention of degenerative disease.

What Are Some Examples Of Superfoods

These include (but not limited to):

- Berries (ie. blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc)

- Pomegranate

- Turmeric

- Grass-fed beef

- Eggs

- Avocado

- Carrots

- Spinach

- Kale

- Onions

- Garlic

- Cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander

- and much, much more

Find out what I consider the top 10 antioxidant rich superfoods here.


I stress the importance of variety in food choices because not only should we eat foods for the health benefits we know about but also for the benefits we still don’t know about yet.

Also the anti-aging benefits you get are compounded when you combine 2 or more superfood/anti-aging foods together.

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